Striking Out

Here you Know More About This Show: When Tara discovers her fiancé and fellow solicitor Eric has been cheating with a colleague, she leaves him and their prestigious law firm to set up her own practice specializing in family ...

Genre: Drama

Actor: Brahm Gallagher , Emmet Byrne , Nigel Davey

Country: Ireland

Duration: 50 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 7.7

Season 1 - Striking Out
"A shock discovery leaves solicitor Tara Rafferty striking out on her own, both professionally and personally."
"Tara deals with a dispute over a will and faces pressure to give Eric another chance. Vincent reluctantly agrees to represent Ray in court."
"Tara tackles what seems to be a case of bigamy. Two women claim to be married to the same dying man and are both keen to claim next-of-kin rights."
"Ray pleads with Tara to help his friend John, who, despite his best attempts at fatherhood, faces losing his son to state care. Tara must win John\u2019s trust as well as face a system stacked against them, forcing her to make a tough and heartbreaking call."
Season 2 - Striking Out
"Tara has to deal with a shed containing evidence going up in flames, Ray being arrested on trumped up charges, and Meg betraying her trust."
"Things intensify as Tara juggles the inquiry while representing a father fighting to gain full custody of his child."
"Tara takes on Eric Dunbar in an unusual case where a former nun petitions to divorce the church."
"Ahead of the premiere of Series 2, the cast and crew of Striking Out reflect on how the show aims to paint Dublin in a new light. They also talk about the new locations they have used, and how these help to achieve the tone of the new season."
"Tara and Eric represent opposing sides in a messy divorce. Richard and Conrad tell Fitzjames he will have to take the fall when new evidence is brought before the inquiry."
"A new season brings new locations, storylines and two new cast members, Maria Doyle Kennedy and Moe Dunford. They give an insight into what their characters bring to the table."