Stupid Man, Smart Phone

Here you Know More About This Show: N/A

Genre: Documentary

Country: UK

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 4

Season 1 - Stupid Man, Smart Phone
"Joining our Stupid Man and his Smart Phone is online prankster, Arron Crascall. Challenges include making fire with camel dung, winning over the hearts of the remote Berber tribe, preparing and cooking a desert lizard that\u2019s still moving, surviving an Egyptian cobra, giving each other rectal enemas\u2026and generally coping with the boiling hot, dehydrating desert."
"Russell Kane is crossing into the deadly Arctic Circle, travelling as far north as he can go \u2013 desperate for a cheeky peak at the legendary and beautiful Northern Lights. His mission partners are YouTube\u2019s beguiling wife and wife team - Rose and Rosie."
"Russell's in the Costa Rican jungle with YouTube singing superstar Conor Maynard for the most foolhardy mission yet, with just their mobile phone to help them survive. The Maleku tribe set the mission, which would be easy if it wasn't for deadly bullet ants, giant abseils and fast river crossings. Oh, and the fact that, for this task, internet reception rarely gets above one bar. Battling humidity and monsoon, the lads will have to convert their phones into multi-tools - using their backlights to attract grasshoppers for dinner - and rely on the inbuilt compass to navigate them safely back to civilisation."
"Russell Kane is going to new heights to prove the internet can transform him into a survival expert by climbing the historic Dolomite Mountains of Italy without any survival or climbing experience. He\u2019s convinced that all knowledge of climbing and survival can be gleaned from his mobile phone, so he isn\u2019t taking on any training; just a partner who has loads of online followers. And that partner is Badman, Muslim internet star, Humza Arshad."
"Joining Russell Kane is the rock \u2018n\u2019 roll, heartthrob internet star, TheMazziMaz. The useless pair are chased across Poland by scary-looking guards with dogs. Our hapless heroes are convinced that, even though they have no evasion or tracking skills or any ability to speak a word in Polish, they can evade capture by using just their mobile phones. They are sorely mistaken!"
"Series finale. Dropped off by a gruff fisherman on a Costa Rican island, Russell must tool up with enough internet knowledge to escape nature\u2019s clutches, navigate the seas and find his way back to\u00a0civilisation.\u00a0His chosen companion this time comes in the shape of snowboarding heroine and Olympian Jenny Jones."