True Story with Hamish & Andy

Here you Know More About This Show: Hamish & Andy sit down with everyday Australians who recount hilarious true stories that happened to them, with the events in the stories being recreated by Australian actors in filmed dramatisations.

Genre: Comedy , Reality

Actor: Andy Lee

Director: Tim Bartley , Hamish Blake , Andy Lee , Ryan Shelton

Country: Australia

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 7.4

Season 1 - True Story with Hamish & Andy
"Storyteller Rachel, her husband Mark and their two young children are invited to a very fancy dinner in Hong Kong. And from the moment they walk in, everything that can go wrong, does go wrong."
"Stubby takes us back to when he was a 15-year-old lifesaver trying to win a medal at the state champs. But while at the starting line in his speedos, his excitement over seeing the girl of his dreams means something unexpected pops up."
"In Episode Three we meet Sammie (Helen Dallimore), who dearly loves her husband Matt (John Leary), with whom she now has their 12-year-old son, Hughie. But in this incredible true story from 2005, Sammie\u2019s love for her husband is tested during her pregnancy by Matt\u2019s debilitating fear of needles. When Sammie requires an amniocentesis test (involving an enormous needle extracting fluid from Sammie\u2019s mid-section) Matt makes the questionable decision that it\u2019s his husbandly duty to attend the delicate procedure. And despite Sammie begging him not to come, it isn\u2019t long before that questionable decision would turn into unspeakable mayhem. Mayhem that would see him suffering a near-fatal accident that landed him at the plastic surgeon. Which of course would mean more needles. Lots and lots of needles. Poor Matt? Poor Sammie."
"Emidio's true story harks back to when he was a first-year primary school teacher hoping to influence the leaders of tomorrow. What he didn't expect was getting scammed by genius 10-year-old student, Damien, who was always a step ahead"
"Jack's true story begins with an opportunity to play French Horn in an acclaimed youth orchestra. But when Jack hangs his suit in a questionable spot and one of Australia's oldest concert halls starts flooding, he is the number one suspect."
"Tracy is an experienced hotelier, renowned for managing high-class luxury hotels and super-rich clientele. For nine years Tracy was the general manager of an exclusive five-star resort in Bali, where she was not only boss but also mother figure to her 200+ Balinese staff. While Tracy is running one of the most exclusive resorts in Bali, a wealthy American couple arrive for their private wedding. But what is meant to be the most special day of their lives, turns out to be the most memorable for all the wrong reasons. And it\u2019s Tracy who is left to clean up a very expensive mess."
"This true story follows Phil, who thought he'd taken a cushy job on a luxury resort in the Kimberleys. Instead, he finds himself on a run-down cattle station in the middle of nowhere, hosting two French millionaires on a holiday from hell."
"Dani's true story finds her reunited with her childhood crush, joining him on a romantic weekend away. But in this personal tale, Dani explains in excruciating detail, why this date couldn't have gone any worse."
"In Sal's true story, he catches the biggest fish of his life, a 30 kg Spanish mackerel. But, after failing to heed the warnings from a mysterious fisherman, Sal eats the fish"
"In this season finale, Sam tells a true story that really is one for the ages. When a series of escalating dares get dangerously out of hand, Sam is forced to accept a dare that he (and now Hamish and Andy and you) will never, ever forget"
Season 2 - True Story with Hamish & Andy
07 Aug 2018
"When Carol was 15, she was given an English assignment to write out and analyse 40 poems. But the night before it was due, she hadn't even started. Carol decided that her only way out was to fake an illness and miss the next day of school."
14 Aug 2018
"One fateful day Alan got a panicked call from Graham who explained he had a unique problem. A Persian purebred cat had arrived on a flight dead and the owners would be arriving the following day."
21 Aug 2018
"Sarah is in competition for a job with another trainee called Jeff. As the days went on, Sarah started to notice strange things happening. When she realises what is really going on, it causes her great shame and confusion."
28 Aug 2018
"Stephen was a teenager in the '80s, and in between modelling jobs for Jag Jeans, he started dating the local it-girl. But while sneaking her out one night, Stephen learned the meaning of 'over protective father'."
04 Sep 2018
"Back in 1980s Queensland, all Phil needed were his mates, an esky of beer, and a sheila hanging off his arm. And on one fateful day at his mate's barbecue, he would have had everything he wanted, if it wasn't for a dog."
11 Sep 2018
"Scott is an upbeat truck driver who loves his job and the TV show, Law and Order. But what starts as just another day, ends with Scott becoming part of a car theft conspiracy."
"At 22, Lisa fell in love with John. But one morning, Lisa's dream becomes a nightmare, and how she escapes from this unbelievably true situation provides one of the most memorable stories of the season."
25 Sep 2018
"Murray is a tree lopper with a lifetime of experiences. But none were more memorable than one he experienced at the beginning of his career. One that took him deep into the dark and dangerous world of tree lopping."
02 Oct 2018
"Jeremy is a good student at high school, but not popular. He catches a lucky break from his mum's boyfriend, the foreman at the Wonka Nerds factory, and Jeremy learns that the best things in life aren't free."